Resort Development in the Wake of Economic Downturn

The Resort at MarinaVillage was developed by Grosse Pointe Development as part of the Tarpon Point Community in Cape Coral, Florida. SunStream was hired by the developer to execute a technical services agreement during the design and construction phase. Following completion, SunStream was also contracted to manage all hotel operations moving forward.

The technical services provided included pre-construction design for a period of six months. SunStream’s Director of Development met with architects, representatives, designers, engineers, and vendors to ensure the functionality and technical requirements of the hotel were satisfied. Once construction began, the Director of Development moved into the role of construction monitoring and project management to develop the physical components of the hotel. SunStream’s Executive Team, led by the Director of Operations, also began the operational development for the project.

Shortly after opening, the property fell into foreclosure and all funding for operating capital was lost. To stay open, the resort would need to self-fund every aspect of its operations. Through meticulous strategy, SunStream managed to aggressively cut costs and drive revenue in the wake of substantial economic downturn. Every aspect of the property remained fully operational which included a 263-room resort, restaurant and catering operation, and a full-service salon and spa. After the property was purchased, SunStream worked with the new owners for 18 months as the property was transitioned to the Westin brand as it is today.

Services Provided: